Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are all MLM s a scam ?

There are 2 sides to MLM or Multi Level Marketing , Retail and Recruitment. If your business opportunity is primarily , just an opportunity , with unreasonably high prices on products compared to standard retail outlets , you may be involved with a recruiting MLM.
Recruiting MLMs are the ones to avoid mainly because , noone is really making any money if they don't have a sizeable downline in place. Retail sales alone are never emphasized but recruiting is heavily promoted as THE way to make the sizeable income you were practically promised .

Retail MLM is just that , retail based. You do not have to recruit anyone into the business to make a decent income , you do have to actually do some work to sell the product ( nothing in life , especially money is free) . These programs are also known , more commonly as "Party Plans" , because quite simply you introduce a line of products at a party or demonstration , usually speaking Briefly about the business opportunity . While you DO earn money on a downline you make a reasonable income for your efforts in selling product alone . You do not need a downline to earn money . You DO need some sales skills ( or a skillfull person to teach you the ropes) , a small capitol investment in poduct and promotion , and a willingness to do the work it takes to build your business .

There is a Great list of Companies to avoid at http://www.mlm-thetruth.com/ , and a Business Opportunity /MLM evaluator tool to help you decide if the business you are interested in has the potential to earn you money , or will it just be a tax write off .

Of the businesses I own the following are not listed on the MLMs to avoid

Wildtree Herbs
Memory - Works Scrapbooking
Barefoot Books
The Couponizer

I learned alot in my time with MLM and can safely say I recommend any one of these businesses and if you do put the effort in you can earn a nice second income selling something you enjoy .
If you're looking to start a legit, looking to better, or looking to share your Home Based Business , you're in the right place !

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