Friday, January 16, 2009

Is PayPal right for your business ?

I like PayPal personally , but I hate paying transaction fees. If you hate paying money to make money ( or charging extra transaction fees to your customers ) I have 2suggestions for you to save money using Pay Pal and discovering Google Checkout.

Pay Pal :
If you are going to use PayPal as your transaction processor then you MUST get the PayPal debit Card . It's free and you earn 1.2% cash back on your purchases. If you process a transaction for $10.00 and use your PayPal debit card to purchase the product from your supplier , you'll end up saving 1.2% off the transaction fee . A pretty sweet deal . Also If you use PayPal to cover some of your business expenses you'll be making/saving 1.2% as well .

Google Checkout: While Google Checkout charges roughly the same transaction fee as PayPal , if you are a google Advertiser a large portion of your transaction fee is waived. There are certain qualifications to take advantage of these savings which can be easily found on their website. Checking out with Google is just as safe as with PayPal , but with one major advantage , the ability to place CC holds.

Whichever processor you choose make sure to look into ways to save and make more money for you and your business. You don't have to utilize just one processor, use whichever is best for your business at any given moment ! In fact you could do what I do and advertise with Google, process transactions through google and Use a PayPal debit card to make all your business purchases . I just added 1.2% to my commissions , and so can you !

If you're looking to start , looking to better, or looking to share your Home Based Business , you're in the right place !

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