Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you WAHM material- See if you've got what it takes to work at home.

Not everyone is gifted with a "Brain for business and a Bod for sin" like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl , some of us transitioned into WAHMing after the birth of a child or after many endless weeks crying at a desk wishing you were anywhere but away from the kids. I can guarantee not ONE of us ever took a Work at Home Mom class in college . How do you know you are Work at home material , the answer ; you don't know till you try .

I mean really try , not some half hearted attempt where you sign up , get the kit ,look through it , put it in the garage , call 2 friends who aren't interested in having a party ,sigh , put the stuff from your car's back seat on top of the kit , put some other stuff on top of the stuff you put on the kit and in 1 year while cleaning out your garage you FIND the kit and later sell that kit on Ebay because it was "just tooo hard" !

No job is easy , and no one gets rich sitting at home with a business kit under a pile of junk in their garage . Customers will NEVER beat a path to your door if it is covered in debris and the porch light is off. You Don't have to be Donald trump to build a successful business from home you just have to actually open that business for business.

First things first :
When people at your child's playdates , church groups, friends you haven't seen in a while , your husband's Christmas Party, the Dental Hygenist, The girl behind the deli counter asks you what you do STOP SAYING NOTHING , or I'm JUST a Mom , and Never mention you are the CEO of your Home Based Business ! While you're at it stop saying "i don't know anybody " , I just named at least 10 people you probably know , they might not be your friends but you KNOW them . Best of all they know OTHER people and that, my friends, can open many doors for your business.

Make your Business your SECOND priority :
But deffinitely make it a priority. I would never tell any mom to put her business before her family , family is first . After all you quit the daily grind to change diapers, sing nursery rhymes and listen to "But Why " four hundred times a day . Remeber what attracted you to the business and make that your niche . Maybe you wanted some adult time, maybe you wanted a new challenge, or possibly a pink cadillac , whatever YOU wanted you can acheive as long as you make it a priority.

Follow the leader:
Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business be built in a day, week, or month . This is a learning process for 99% of WAHMs . The best advice I ever got , that I completely ignored is "Don't innovate, duplicate". There are successful women , staying at home , working your same business. Follow the leader, and if your leader isn't good follow hers, and on and on . If they can do it so can you , believe it.

Be positive:
When someone asks how your business is going always say "Great, Awesome or Fantastic" . Even if you have never booked a single party or made 5.00 lasat month your business is going where you are taking it , period. If you're flushing it down the tubes , you're right things are "not so good" . If you are constanly striving to do better your business is that much closer every day to being exactly what you say it is . You'll never attract customers or recruits by being negative , begging , or looking desperate. if something is not going your way , move on .

So You might still be questioning , am I WAHM material ? My answer is can you promote yourself, can you maintain a positive attitude , can you replicate what someone else has already done and can you dedicate a part of your life to building a business and reaching your goals. If you asnswered yes , than you ARE WAHM material !
If you're looking to start , looking to better, or looking to share your Home Based Business , you're in the right place !

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