Thursday, January 1, 2009

Step by Step to start your online business

Here you will find my Step by Step guide to creating a successful business with lots of traffic to your website . After all ,if no one knows you exist you'll have a hard time making any money !!Step 1Join a Business . Sounds simple enough but you first have to decide what type of business you want to run. Do You want to Sell a Product ? Do you want to sell it in person or online? Do you simply want to promote products and earn money when people click on links from your website or blog ? Now is the time to decide if you want to do one , the other or , yes even BOTH . Step 2 Get a website . This is especially important if you want to sell products from a direct sales company . This is the art of self promotion and SEO that draws free traffic to your website and then directly to your business. You need to learn WHAT ARE PEOPLELOOKING for when they are looking for your product and load your page with keywords so that when your site is "crawled" you can move up the website ranks. A good place to start searching the competition's websites is You'll want to add your website to Alexa too !Step 3 Get Traffic. FFA Pages, Webrings related to your industry , and advertising exchanges are a good place to start. When you start getting traffic your website will rise in the rankings. Don't forget the importance of creating back links ! If you know a little something about your business or just your products go to and write a lense . You can also monetize your Squidoo lense ; that will not only earn you traffic but extra income. is also a great marketing tool for your business , sign up for them all.Step 4Get some badges for your site . is a good place to start looking for badges. Step 5Paying for advertising is the next step to really explode your traffic. Google and yahoo are my 2 personal favorites . Some other good places like cover the ever important social networking sites. Make sure you find great key words and be specific to make your advertising dollars work harder for you. For example, if you sign up for Teaporia and you want to advertise your affiliate link dont use tea as a keyword , you'll get lots of clicks but low ROI. Try Specific key phrases like loose green tea, or lavendar green tea blend .
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  1. Thanks for the useful information.
    An array of business opportunities linger for the individual to earn revenue from the business that he or she plans to start. The netizens should be allowed to explore your potential if you come up with a service on the internet. It is not a ‘get rich quick’ medium. You should be patient in your approach and should not lose the focus when the business is on the way. Through the passage of time, people get to learn about you and with this online reputation, revenue becomes guaranteed. The investment lies in the computer that is cheap nowadays and in the internet connection that is even cheaper. The workplace is the home that one lives in and through the internet one is practically able to each millions of people worldwide from the home.

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    Business consulting services is the other way with which the information marketers are trying to reach out to people who require help. These business consulting services are not only limited to the online businesses.

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    When you have made a decision to start your own online business, the beginning step is to find a niche and product that will base your business around. It's always best to do some of your own market research to determine the best areas to pursue – the ones that will offer the greatest growth potential in the next few years.

    You can learn more tips for starting an online business by doing some research online. There are many sites which is offering a large amount of free lessons and current information on how to build a website and start an online business. Those tips will provide you with enough information to get you started with your own business.

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    Internet marketing is the finest business for those who wish to work from their home. Internet or online marketing is the most quickly advancing type of media business. They can create and sell their own products and also can be their own bosses. It is has turn into one of the most ordinary ways of making money.


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