Thursday, January 1, 2009

Building your Home Party Business in 2009

I am not much for tele-semminars , in fact I avoid them like a disease. For some reason , maybe my personal New Years resolution to take my Direct sales businesses off line and into customer's homes, I listened for 90 minutes to a tele-semminar from Karen Phelps ( . Holy CRAP ! This was exactly what I needed !! I have been trained by some of the "best" direct sellers in the United States ( debateable) , not one can hold a candle to Karen Phelps . Aside from actually being able to hold my attention for 90 minutes straight ( ok I pushed 5 and paused the semminar for 30 minutes to cook dinner) , she gave actual real world tips on how to talk to customers from the dreaded phone solicitation to creating a sense of urgency for your customers to book, and the all important drumming up new business when you don't know anyone or you have taken a hiatus from your business . Some key points she brought up that lit up the "OH YEAH" bulb in my brain were :

1: Create a sense of urgency with your words . For example instead of trying to book a party by saying I am running a huge special with XYZ company for the 1st week of January and I have a couple days to choose from , Say I am running a huge special with XYZ company and have January 3rd and 4th left , I wanted to give you the first shot at booking your next party before I contact the rest of my customer list . This creates more of a sense of urgency for your potential customers. Instead of using I have some, or I have a couple , use the I only have a few dates still left ..

2. Dont give new customers a chance to turn you down . Instead of saying I am a rep for xyz co. and we have awesome hostess promotions , would you like to book a party, try I am a rep for xyz co. and we have awesome hostess promotions WHO do you know that might be interested in hostessing a party and getting some free stuff ! You have eliminated the Yes/ No aspect of the question ( where you only have a 50/50 chance of getting the response you want ) , now your open ended question could end in the potential customer nominating herself or a friend or family member. If she claims to not know enough people on her own offer a buddy bash where she and another person hostess a party together and split the hostess rewards !

3. Be exciting and talk faster ! Karen believes that people are attracted to others who are full of energy and positivity , especially on the phone . Always leave a message and give a short time frame like "call me back in 24 hours so I can be sure there is a spot open for your party".

There was much , much much more and if I had the money I would buy her training program "The Whole Enchilada" , but I am buying one of her books that I really think will help me in 2009 to keep my resolution . If Karen Phelps is speaking within 100 miles of my city I am for SURE going to be there. If you want to become a Karen Phelps Groupie , like I think I am becoming, start by visiting or dialing in to listen to the free tele-semminar I did , The number is (712) 432-0453 Pin: 6494740#. This recording will only be available through Jan 4th !!!!

Best of Luck with YOUR business !

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