Monday, January 5, 2009

Business On a Budget

I'm sure I don't have to explain that business is down for us WAHMs . In general people are spending less and ( trying) to save more. This has truly affected business as we know it , but there is hope !
Just like we have to scale down on the household spending we also need to scale down on the business spending . I made this tough decision today as the cost of advertising is not being coverd to the same degree as before. I have traditionally used Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing to promote my online businesses and I spend around $100.00 a month in promoting ( after adsense profits) . Since this had been paying off , I could justify the expense. Adsense revenues are down and it seems that in desparation other businesses are increasing their PPC bids , forcing me out of the PPC market . Is this happening to you ?

I decided to forego the PPC for a while , until the economy improves. I can't just stop advertising my businesses so here is a step by step guide of what I am or will do to keep advertising and promoting my businesses without the big budget !

Divide and Conquer
I am dividing my businesses ( yes there are multiple businesses) into online and home party or off-line. I am likewise dividing the advertising budgets. I tend to spend less money on the home party businesses ( there are 3) and more on the online businesses ( there are 7) . If you have online and offline businesses I recommend looking at which side you spend more money advertising and which is more profitable. Spend the most money on your most profitable business. This really isn't the time to be promoting something that is making relatively little money .

Avoid Pay per Clicks.
People seem to be wish listing or window shopping lately . I have excellent , targeted key words , but now a low ROI . It seems people are clicking, looking, wishing , but not buying . I have moved my advertising to Jayde , which guarantees top ten ad placement in over 200 smaller search engines . It costs just 12.00 a month and up. This is a much more affordable option than PPC.

Cooperative Advertising
I am really going to promote my Cooperative advertising websites . I have alot of businesses because I do mainly fundraisers . I just set up 2 new websites , and ( yes I am creating backlinks to promo my new websites for free , see how simple free advertising can be ! ) . By having more than just my website and businesses promoted , cooperatively advertising with other WAHMS, I can spend more time and effort marketing and advertising that website , and in turn the websites of the other WAHMs in my coop advertising group !

Stop blowing money !
I usually buy my business supplies from Staples or Office Depot , my promotional stickers from Zazzle or The Booster . Silly Me ! I could sell and buy from myself through affiliate sites like BigCrumbs and earn money back, sign up as a consultant on a Website like or I could just scour the dollar store for useful items . I looked at the Dollar Tree down the street and found
Catalog Envelopes 12 for $1.00
Blank Round Stickers 300 for $1.00
Blank Address Labels 150 for $1.00
Pens 12 for $1.00
And a really cool Hostess Booking tree that I will cut out construction paper leaves ( $1.oo/pad at Dollar Tree ) leaves with booking rewards on them and hang them on this cute tree at my wildtree herbs parties. I already have Leaf template fom my scrapbooking supplies , but you could cut one out , preferably one related to your Business , and promote bookings at your parties . But I digress. The point here is to stop blowing money on business supplies and think out side the box and create some supplies for yourself. Sure this sounds like extra work but on my dollar store shopping spree I ended up saving 32.00 compared to my usual supply purchase ! That's 32.00 to pay for gas or make up for lower party /online sales!

You have a GREAT idea ( heck even a good one)
Please let us know !

If you're looking to start , looking to better, or looking to share your Home Based Business , you're in the right place !

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